The Art of Being Human and Leading Others



“Be the person you would want to follow”


One of the fundamental truths of leadership is that you must be aware of what gets in your way and learn to master that. In order for people to trust us, we must be authentic and tell our truth. Do you know the story you are not only telling yourself but projecting to others? You can follow best practices, learn all the latest theories, create superb business models but if people don’t trust you and buy in, you are not going to succeed.     “We don’t come to conquer the mountain but to conquer ourselves” Sir Edmund Hillary


Become the leader you were meant to be.                                    

Executive coaching is a fast, unique six month program in which you will learn and enhance your effectiveness through focus and intense learning. Through assessment, coaching, lively, direct and fun conversations, we will work together to bring you to your best. Not only will you learn more about your own leadership but you will learn about what has meaning in your life, feel more purposeful by understanding what kind of story you are living and create a better one. Your work, your relationships and your life will be the better for it.

Six months of in person coaching and counseling with assessment. Direct and focused with proven successful outcome.





Does your management team lack the best critical thinking skills, synergy and focus?

-Do you have an executive who performs well but lacks people skills or has other personality issues?

-Do you need help with developing leaders, building for the next generation and developing succession plans?

-Do you need someone who can give you psychological, business and personal feedback plus provide an opportunity to reflect  and think out loud?

-Are you overworking, feeling stressed and not having any fun?

-Does your team need to get away on retreat, regroup, develop a new perspective, know each other better and have some fun?

-Do you need to hire an executive but want to be sure you are making the most skilled decision you can?

-Do you want your relationship with your board to be more effective?

-Is the “family” part of your family business getting in the way of success and productivity?

​In my 25 years of consulting with leaders, the answers to the questions above have become clear. The first essential truth to your success  is to “get out of your own way.” I can help you with this. By telling you the truth when others are afraid to and helping you see yourself through coaching and assessment, you will gain a deep understanding of your greatest qualities and what you need to change about leadership style.  In doing so, stress will become less of a factor as you gain clarity and focus both in your business, your mental health and your relationships–business and personal.

Good leaders carve a path to success, great leaders bring a team.

Together we can build a highly effective executive team that others only dream of. How?  First I will guide the team to self-understanding. Through the art of dialogue,  assessment and coaching, they will:

-​Understand their particular personality including strengths and weaknesses.​

-Understand the dynamics of the executive team, how they make decisions together, the learning styles of each individual and the team and how to have effective conversations.

-Next, they will learn ways to develop a lens to see problems with a new perspective.

-They will also be given tools to think creatively, to bring into being what they want rather than just problem solve.

-Through effective conversation and skilled meetings, they will create a more effective business and culture. ​



Often in business, we don’t see the results of our decisions for many years. My experience applying this process as I work with executive teams demonstrates conclusively and measurably to better collaboration, more meaningful professional relationships, more reasons to get out of bed and come to work in the morning – and a more profitable and successful business.

 “Judy was referred to us to help solve a partner conflict issue that could have blown the partnership apart.  After a few meetings, she suggested that we might want to work on changing the Firm’s culture as well as resolving the partner conflicts.  She was extremely helpful in accomplishing both.  As much as 10 years after we finished, and even after I retired, I get emails and comments from employees and former employees about how the Firm changed their lives and what a wonderful place it was to work.  Thank you, Judy, for helping make the Firm a wonderful place to work. “–John Crutcher Former Managing Partner Kueckelhan, Crutcher & Co., CPAs

“Medical organizations are in a particular time of stress, and in my experience, have not spent much productive time in reflecting on how that stress manifests and how it can be managed. Working with Judy enables an ongoing dialogue which can change how things get  done. It is these things, especially, in complex and technical environments that can make a critical difference.  Her insight, perception, and willingness to listen and engage, allows her to work with companies, boards, leaders in a way that opens them to new possibilities, new ways of thinking, new ways of working that develops new levels of energy and performance. It is remarkable to witness her work with teams to enable them to discover their commons strengths, understand their vulnerabilities, and find working solutions to the dynamics of humans engaged in common enterprise”…Ricord B. Winstead, MD  FAAFP



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