“It has been my passion over the last 25 years to tell the truth to leaders and to help bring out the essential qualities of leadership, to part the curtain of indifference that falls between us and that blinds us to each other’s presence. True leaders radiate presence. Helping good leaders develop their own innate presence is central to my work. I don’t mean charisma but presence that comes from authenticity, character and earned authority.”

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JudyJudith F Kennedy, Ph.D. “Judy” has been a licensed psychologist and business consultant for over twenty years working with leaders to build satisfying, effective lives and relationships as well as successful businesses.  She has given countless workshops for leaders, executives and couples  and is a sought after speaker for conferences and seminars.

She has a passion for helping people develop stronger relationships with themselves and important people in their lives, helping leaders develop themselves and also their teams. She works with many dual career and professional couples in creating strong lasting, happy relationships.

She is a consultant to business owners and executives and is a trusted advisor to many top leaders. She has worked with many well known family businesses in the Seattle area. A Psychologist for over twenty years, she specializes in leadership and relationship. She received her Ph.D. in Counseling Psychology from the University of Houston. Her masters work concentrated in Behavioral Sciences,  Marriage and Family studies. She held senior leadership positions in the oil industry, in the advertising industry and in a national consulting firm and has been an award winning teacher. This business experience coupled with a PhD in psychology, gives her a unique perspective into the psychological dynamics of being human and leading others. She has studied at renowned organizations and with world class leaders and teachers such as the Center for Organizational Learning at MIT,  Creativity and structural dynamics with Robert Fritz, as well as Steven Stosny, Harville Hendrix, Terry Real, David Schnarch and many others in the relationship therapy field. She is a member of the American Psychological Association, the Washington State Psychological Association, andThe National Register of Health.

Clients have included: national accounting firms, major advertising agencies, international engineering firms, national insurance companies, health management organizations, management consulting firms, major food companies, law enforcement agencies and many others.

With a key focus on leadership effectiveness, her work has been instrumental in the development of key senior executives and executive teams including the following:

Organization consultation:

Executive coaching to senior executives Executive assessment and selection for hiring and promotion.
Dialogue sessions for senior management teams based on the MIT model in creating Learning Organizations. Leadership development, succession planning and implementation.

Relationship strategies:

Alignment of the CEO with the management team
Organizational behavior and client perception
Employee engagement and organizational dynamics
High level personal counseling with senior executives

Some examples of speeches and presentations as a keynote, conference and
workshop speaker:

“News you can Use” Effective ways to deal with stress and anxiety.” Retreat for women executives.
“Leadership Transformation”: Leadership Conference, National Insurance Co.
“Relationship Tension and Selling”- Conference- large telecommunication firm. “
“Build a Better Culture: Think Systemically” – Washington State Association of Accountants
“Creating Vision: A new look at being what you say you are.”
Real Estate Investment Company.
“Temptations of Leaders” National Conference of Consulting Engineers.
“A New Way of Being Smart” Keynote speech- Marketing Professionals


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