The Freedom of Letting Go

by Judith F Kennedy, PhD

Without attachment to your expectation of how life should be, you will be free. Free to love others and hold on lightly. Free to understand with deep wisdom that nothing lasts. You will have the confidence of being true to yourself and depending on your inner compass. You will act out of dignity and respect for yourself and others instead of clinging out of fear and grasping.

When we drop our attachment to outcome, wonder will enter our life. We start feeling curious about how it will turn out. The emotional hold that attachment creates melts away and life gets lighter and easier.

Dropping your attachment builds a stronger relationship to yourself. In order to have a happy life, you must cherish yourself so that you can cherish others. In order to cherish yourself, you must have a good relationship to yourself. That good relationship with yourself comes from the freedom you give yourself from attachment.