“I was blessed to work with Judy Kennedy for about a year as part of a leadership development group at KPFF Consulting Engineers. To be honest, I went into it with skepticism, wondering how half days in a “Dialogue” setting could be a good use of time.  Judy is very special—she models and thereby teaches mindfulness—in work, relationships, and in our lives. All the things I thought I knew about effectiveness turned out to be the thinnest layer of paint compared to the deeper lessons Judy taught. I remain deeply thankful for having had the chance to work with her.”–Stephanie MacLachlan

Leadership Development

Are you answering the call?

You above all others have the essential calling to not only build a thriving business but also to develop those emerging leaders who can continue this legacy. Leaders learn how to create a culture where people want to get out of bed and come to work, where meaning and collaboration is understood as an essential tool to doing right in the world. I can help you with this.

Individual Coaching

Coaching includes a complete psychological and leadership assessment, individual coaching and counseling, a self designed “portfolio” with an action plan, future vision and an individual model of leadership. Barriers to growth are examined together with feedback from colleagues and others.

Leadership development groups

This program is developed around three core processes to help emerging leaders become even more effective and to work with other upcoming leaders.

1. The first process is to help leaders develop personal effectiveness through self awareness, insight and psychological assessment, as well as peer feedback. Personal alignment of life vision and values with the company’s vision and values would be emphasized.

2. The second process is to educate about leadership effectiveness. Some key concepts in this process would be:

-Understanding the best leadership theories

-Self Mastery and organizational skills

-Situational Leadership and other practical applications of leadership

-Development of others


-Creating Narratives/Stories to lead others

-Communication training

-Leading and facilitation of effective meetings and groups

3. The third process is the art of dialogue and collaborative thinking. Key concepts here are team learning, systemic thinking, building community, tools of collaboration and how to lead groups in effective thinking.


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