What are your questions you have about yourself and your life?

Where is the joy for you in your work and life?

Do you repeat the same patterns over and over?

Do you want to work on developing more inner peace and find real meaning?



Transitions: Are you going through a transition in your life? Do you need help with a career change or trying to  find ways to enrich your work life? I have helped others for over 20 years with these important life transitions.


Relationships: A secure relationship provides a richer quality of life and a deeper more intimate friendship. Feel closer to your partner, both emotionally and physically. Turn long-standing conflicts into opportunities for connection. Understand the underlying emotional needs that may be sabotaging your relationship. Break patterns that cause you to feel alone and distant from your partner.


Spiritual direction

In life, having structure, guidelines or signposts is very helpful. Just as a building has hallways, doors to create a way through so does our life need structure to keep us going forward and on the right path.  


In general the purpose of spiritual direction is to cultivate a deeper relationship with the spiritual aspect of being human. 


My practice of spiritual direction is rooted in Buddhist teachings and is informed by my Christian upbringing as well as my own spiritual life. I cultivate my ongoing spiritual life through meditation and silent retreats as will as study of Theravada teachings from monks/teachers in particular, Ajahn Amaro at Amaravati Monastery and my community at St Albans Episcopal. Poetry, reading and the love of nature completes my own path.


My work as a psychologist helps me be with others where there is a depth of connection and compassion, a joining together through wisdom and empathy. 


Meeting the person on his or her spiritual path is meeting that person’s inherent goodness, the sacred still place within. 



I offer a no charge 1st consultation.  Lets talk.

Therapy from the safety of home.
Because of COVID-19, we need to do our part to keep ourselves and others safe.  I offer all my services online from a free, secure platform.