“How to get a newly-formed leadership team to perform at its best potential? With Dr. Judy Kennedy’s guidance, we learned to have a dialogue to avoid jumping into solution mode; we practiced understand each other’s opinion to mitigate and resolve conflicts; we revisited the team’s purposes frequently to ensure we focus on what we can influence. Judy helped us think deeper before we act, and the resulting new viewpoint often led us to the necessary next step. Working with Judy this past year brought our team closer while meeting several performance milestones. Her approach is not the typical leadership workshops with a heavy dose of information; she is a partner who can help you evolve to a better leader and a better person from within, if you are willing.”
Jean Shieh, Codexis, Inc.

Developing Great Teams

Conversation, attunement, creating the right context and authenticity are the keys in creating great teams. Learning how to critically think with your team is essential to effectiveness and retention of valued people.

I have used the dialogue process, created in the Center for Organizational Learning at MIT, for over 15 years to help executive teams come together in effective ways, create context and vision for the organization, and solve critical issues through the process of systemic thinking.


We will build the essential pillars of a great team

Self mastery and alignment of vision. Create shared vision and align personal goals with company goals.

Team learning.The team must learn to have the right kind of conversations where there is honesty, integrity and authenticity. Teams learn the art of Dialogue.

Systemic thinking and critical thinking. Teams learn how to go upstream to the source of problems rather than resort to blame and quick fixes.

The Right Narrative, creating the right story together: To create effective teams a leader must be able to use the right lens. Creating an effective lens, allows teams to view the world  and helps them to interpret even the toughest situations in constructive, empowering ways.

Custom designed team development programs.


Developing Great People

You as a leader have the essential calling to not only build a thriving business but also to develop those emerging leaders who can continue this legacy. Leaders learn how to create a culture where people want to get out of bed and come to work, where meaning and collaboration is understood as an essential tool to doing right in the world. I can help you with this.

Leadership development is based on two axis. One is a horizontal axis: learning best practices and skills for effective leadership, the other is the vertical axis which is self growth and character development.

It takes both to be a true leader

Horizontal Leadership
Transferring Knowledge


  •  Content, Competency,Knowledge, Strategy,   Conflict skills

Vertical Leadership
Transforming the person

Ability to grow and develop others.

Build trust
Be able to see perspective from other’s point of view

Character Development.

Want to grow as a person
Believe in something
Have strong values
Be the person you would want to follow.
Be vulnerable
Admit mistakes.

The ability to think

Ability to think in nuanced ways
Systemic thinking
Challenge own assumptions