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Business retreats are critical events in any organization’s life. Despite the grumbling about costs, budgets and the time commitment, when you look back to critical moments in a company’s history, you can often trace them back to a retreat.

Leaders need to spend at least 30 to 40% of their time thinking

The Harvard Business Review states that leaders need to spend at least 30 to 40% of their time thinking. You and your team need to stop and think, ‘What are we doing right, where do we need improvement, how are we doing in our efforts to meet goals? Retreats are about getting away from the office to go through the important aspects of your business.

According to the dictionary, a retreat is a place of privacy or safety. What is not said is just how effective retreats can be in helping to advance your business. A retreat is an effective way to bring key people together. This typically happens at a well planned destination where people can get to know each other beyond their roles, practice good critical thinking skills, create a better sense of meaning and more bonding with each other. This greatly enhances leadership skills and builds a better business.

Retreats can be customized to fit your needs. The following process is one way to create a dynamic and effective retreat:

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  • Key Issues:

    Includes interviews with everyone to gather important data on crucial issues and concerns. Questions will be created and developed by me with input from leadership.

  • Assessment:

    Each person will be given an in depth psychological and communication assessment. Each person will receive a personal feedback session from me with recommendations for professional development. While strictly confidential, the patterns from the assessment information will be coordinated by me to be given to the team. I will report on the teams psychological and learning style as well as the barriers to it’s effectiveness.

  • The actual offsite:

    The team will go offsite to relax together, really get to know each other better as well as focus on the key issues, communication and better functioning of the team. We will discuss the key issues in depth and I will present assessment information and observations. The team will also do some team development exercises and exercises to create deeper intimacy among each other.

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