Executive Consulting / Coaching

“I would love to live like a river flows, carried by the surprise of its own unfolding.”

— John O’Donohue .

Become the person you would want to follow

Wisdom comes from knowing and tackling the barriers that limit your effectiveness.

Executive coaching is on two levels. The horizontal level is about learning the skills and best practices of true leadership. On the vertical level we will work together to unlock your true potential. This is about your character and unbinding you from any personality issues that hold you back.

We will work together through individual assessment and coaching/ counseling sessions to unlock these barriers and to increase your creativity.

  • Create the life and business you want
  • Increase your insight into your own personality and life.
  • Learn to deal with stress using MBSR(Mindful based stress reduction tools)
  • Use the best and most effectives organizational techniques.
  • Increase focus and time management skills.
  • Psychological testing for professional growth and development.

Engage at your own pace

Work With Judy

Both one year and six month custom leadership development programs.

Custom programs upon request.