Executive Assessment

Assessment for professional development, hiring and promotion.


Hire the right person. Make your decision with solid data. Complete a psychological and business assessment to match the right candidate with the right position. Top of the line assessment instruments and questionnaires along with an in-depth interview will be used. A full report –  both verbal and written – is provided which includes such information as emotional adjustment, intelligence and cognitive ability, critical thinking skills, interpersonal skills, leadership potential, self control, creativity, dominance and other personality traits needed for each situation.

Recommendations and suggestions for managing this person are included with the assessment. All assessments are custom-designed and tailored to your needs. You will receive continuous updates and consultation throughout the hiring process. The winning candidate will receive a complete assessment with suggestions for professional development.

Promotion and professional development:


Give your newly promoted “stars” tools to be even more effective.

A complete psychological and business assessment helps each star performer advance in his or her professional development. Feedback targets such things as leadership skills, interpersonal skills, communication skills, the ability to deal with stress and the ability to manage others. High level, top quality written assessments along with coaching and counseling help each person create a professional development plan and a portfolio of skills. Ongoing coaching and counseling is available.

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Both one year and six month custom leadership development programs.

Custom programs upon request.