“For one human being to love another: that is perhaps the most difficult of all our tasks, the ultimate, the last test and proof, the work for which all other work is but preparation…. So we must not forget, when we love, that we are beginners, bunglers of life, apprentices in love and must learn love; and like all learning, this needs peace, patience, and composure.” –Rainer Maria Rilke


Private Therapy


The Art of Being Human is to understand the human condition.

Individual therapy

Ask yourself some essential questions:

-Where am I today?

-Does my current path enlarge me or diminish me?

-Where am I blocked by fear?

-What is the fear beneath the fear?

-Where do I avoid conflict?

-Where am I rigid and resistant to change?

-Do I keep having the same relationships?

-Do I repeat the same patterns over and over?

-Where is the joy for me in my life and my work?

-Am I working too much and not enjoying it?

-Do I feel stuck and unmotivated?

-Am I climbing the ladder of success but find it’s against the wrong wall?

One important factor in understanding the human condition is to know that the more wound up we are about our problems the tighter and tighter we feel and less insight we have. The moment we relax about what is going on in our heads or in our lives, things start to change for the better. Its almost as though the more weight and gravitas we bring to bear on something, the harder it is to hear our own wisdom in relation to it. The more lightness of touch we are willing to allow, the more easily and naturally things begin to shift, seemingly all by itself.

In therapy, as you begin to relax, you will begin to have more and more insight into your behavior and thinking. In relaxing as you feel less tight about your issues, you will begin to feel more hopeful about your life and problems. With this hope comes insight and change for the better.

Therapy offers a safe refuge, a safe container for you to look at your life and thinking with a different perspective.



-How can you make a good marriage even better?

-If your relationship is in trouble, how can you get it on the right track?

-How can you become a deeper friend with your partner and add meaning to your life?

-What are the essential tools to making change stick and ensure the stability of your relationship?

Most couples come to therapy with some of the following ways of coping with the stress of marriage.

-Blame or attempt to dominate


-Resentful compliance


-Denial or confusion.

Everything you do works for some part of you, even if other parts of you don’t like it. In couples therapy, we create a playing field where you begin to reconnect with each other and have fun, where you begin to see the patterns that don’t work and are dragging you down. As you begin to recognize yours and your partners attachment style, you learn how to create a safe container for each other.

Couples retreats and holiday:

This is a restorative time for your relationship. In an exclusive, small group 3-day couples retreat, learn how to enhance your relationship through education, skill training, better understanding, renewed energy and focused time together. These retreats are offered in various resort locations. Please contact me for details.

Marathon couples counseling:

Intensive sessions for couples and individuals lasting from 2 to 4 days. Meet with me all day with breaks. These sessions help couples break through some of the hindrances and barriers to a healthy, meaningful and lasting relationship.

Telephone Counseling:

I offer counseling by telephone. This usually accompanies face to face sessions once a month. Using Skype or the telephone, couples are able to work with me in the privacy of their homes.



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