Why are you trying so hard, why are you working so hard, why has the energy and love you have for your loved ones not get the time and expression it needs?  Have you ever been at that point in life where you say: “There has to be more, why am I working so hard, what does it all mean anyway’? Perhaps you say that as a couple: “What has happened to us, how did we  lose the energy of us”? Or maybe at work, you wonder why even if you’re successful or your business is successful, you are not happy”?

Someone once said that you will never feel loved until you drop the act. That is a hard one for most of us to believe. Most people think that you have to do something really special to be loved and admired. This is one of the biggest attachments or beliefs that we have, the belief that we are not good enough. All of us want to have things and have good experiences in life but most of us also have very mistaken beliefs about what this means or how to go about being happy.

It’s hard to understand this process of being happy. It probably should be the easiest thing on earth but we are complicated and the world is complicated. It’s just hard. It’s hard to be real. It’s scary. How do we let people in? It’s important to find intimacy with others, to have friends and to have a life partner.

I stand with you in this. Through my own enormous mistakes I have learned great lessons, through years and years of education and experience with thousands of clients, I have established a wonderful practice devoted to this.  I have made the choice to be happy and I have curated the wisdom of being real and happy.

Here you will find out how to walk the path of being real, to swim the depths of your misguided attachments and to take the plunge and commit to happiness.

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